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Worldwide (International and Domestic) Emergency Transport

The crew of an air ambulance on an international mission can be typically ready to liftoff within four hours. There is documentation necessary, for instance, to bring a patient into the United States. There are similar procedures in any worldwide emergency transport. Yet there are procedures available that expedite the process. It is strongly recommended to have the passport of the patient and all travelling passengers available and ready immediately. The sooner this information is submitted, the sooner the air ambulance and crew will be ready to liftoff. It is also strongly recommended to have an available bed in the receiving hospital ready. There are many services available capable of transporting a patient or individual on short notice. It is important to have these services notified as quickly as possible and to have the contact information of an air ambulance available when travelling overseas.

Worldwide Emergency Transport With Experience

There are patients who need to be transfered to better care facilities in the case of an emergency. Sometimes the level of care in certain hospitals is not able to treat a patient, or in some cases, may even worsen the condition of a patient. A flight coordinator at air ambulance can arrange transfer from bedside to bedside to make your family or patient have the quickest and smoothest international possible. ** Be sure to follow the proper procedures and ask the dispatcher what the protocol and procedures are.

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