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Travel Medicine

The training and equipment that are used in travel medicine today is becoming more and more widely available. As the baby boomers are beginning to enter retirement age, the pool of candidates in need of travel medicine has grown. Furthermore, there are more and more travellers who venture from their homeland and may need a medical evacuation back to their home country. Because of the growing need for medical transports, the number of flight physiology certifications for paramedics and nurses has increased. More and more medical professionals are learning about the specifics of caring for patients while travelling long distances and in flight. Also, aircrafts and ambulances are equipped with facilities to transfer patients with a variety of ailments. From cancer patients to broken hips and patients in comas, the stretchers, stabilizers, and drug kits have evolved to accomodate these special patients.

The Evolution of Travel Medicine

Since travel medicine has only been practiced on a widescale basis with airplanes for about four decades, there has been a number of improvements. The stretchers that carry the patients have become more flexible(while retaining their strength). This is for patients who might have large casts, to make it easier to enter a small aircraft door. Also, equipment such as respirators are more widely available. For paramedics and nurses, training to become a respiratory therapist along with flight physiology certification has become more common for the field of travel medicine.

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