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Travel Emergency

In the case of a travel emergency, it is important to have a resource guide available. Information about the local hospitals- whether or not they are adequate-can be crucial. For disasters and large scale emergencies, the FEMA website provides a great deal of information regarding emergencies.

Travel Emergency Network- An organization providing resources and emergency contacts for a travel emergency.

FEMA - The government webpage of the organization that helps control disasters and large scale emergency situations.

There are also networks of insurance companies that can assist you worldwide in the event of a travel emergency.

When Facing a Travel Emergency

If you are in a medical emergency and travelling, there are a number of things to consider. In a travel emergency, you should find out about the quality of healthcare where you are. You should consider relocating a patient with an air ambulance if the facilities are not up to basic standards. Know your resources and retain control of the situation by having as much information as possible on your side. In any travel emergency, it might be a good idea to contact the consulate of your native country.

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