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Accredited airevac crews are looked up by customers when being helped by a insurance case worker. As these cases necessitate a complete supply of respiratory equipment , private air ambulance companies must be hired. All the time there are patients that have need of a specialized EMT or a full emergency care setup while they travel in a jet-propelled plane. People who seek the help of air evac charters do not want to be onboard the public airline establishments . This is because these are people which are in need of an IV care setup for narcotics or a flight staff. Due to the fact that outpatients are dependent on an IV monitor and care for narcotics, there should be companies that help transfer patients in emergency cases.


Luton Today

Air ambulance sent to Stopsley Co-op after man 'suffers heart attack'
Luton Today
An air ambulance was sent to Stopsley yesterday evening after a man in his 30s reportedly suffered a heart attack. Emergency crews were alerted just after 5pm after a man collapsed in Co-op on Hitchin Road. Two response cars and an ambulance were sent ...

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How to make ambulances safer
Ambulances are long overdue for a redesign, says Skip Kirkwood, a director and chief paramedic at Durham County Emergency Medical Services in North Carolina. “Today's ambulance design is essentially unchanged since about 1974,” he explains. Prior to ...

The Argus

Charity wins cash prize
The Argus
Doctors and paramedics at the air ambulance performed 54 emergency blood transfusions between February and November last year, with most patients being males involved in road traffic collisions. Previously emergency blood transfusions were performed ...

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