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Many everyday people often will search for air ambulance MISSISSIPPI through the phonebook. As these men or women do not want to fly on the common airline outfits . That is since these are patients that need a first rate nurse , or medical aid , jet ambulance charters have to be hired. The cases necessitate an IV care setup for narcotics , and/or a RT(Respiratory Therapist) when these case patients travel. There are air evac establishments who are available to the public around the globe. When would one need to find air ambulance MISSISSIPPI ? People who utlilize medical flight operations need a flight paramedic and an ACLS medical staff , and special medical care.


Workers Recognized for Saving a Life  WNEP Scranton/Wilkes-Barre

SAINT CLAIR, Pa. -- Some workers were recognized on Monday at a factory near Pottsville after they helped save a coworker's life when he had a heart attack ...

'Turned himself in': Peel paramedic facing new charges in death of Mississauga man

A Peel Region paramedic, already facing impaired driving charges in a fatal crash that claimed the life of a Mississauga man, has now been charged with ...

Quick Response by West Hartford Paramedic and Community Members Saves Two Lives this Week

Firefighter Taylor Salva (right) holds the LifePack 15, a combination heart monitor, EKG device, and defibrillator. At left is his Capt. Keith Byrne. Photo credit: ...

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