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Many everyday people often will search for air ambulance MISSISSIPPI through the phonebook. As these men or women do not want to fly on the common airline outfits . That is since these are patients that need a first rate nurse , or medical aid , jet ambulance charters have to be hired. The cases necessitate an IV care setup for narcotics , and/or a RT(Respiratory Therapist) when these case patients travel. There are air evac establishments who are available to the public around the globe. When would one need to find air ambulance MISSISSIPPI ? People who utlilize medical flight operations need a flight paramedic and an ACLS medical staff , and special medical care.


Arizona Daily Star

Golder Ranch fire crew springs into action to save the life of a fire captain
Arizona Daily Star
From left, firefighter paramedic Peter Paddock, firefighter EMT Ruben Figueroa, firefighter paramedic Justin Flynn, firefighter paramedic Randy Scholey, Captain Alfred Valencia, firefighter engineer Kyle Rhein, Captain Jeremy North, Assistant Chief Tom ...

Off-duty paramedic risks his life to prevent highway crash
LIVERPOOL, England — An off-duty paramedic risked his life by walking into highway traffic to prevent a crash after seeing a car crashed in the middle of the road. Liverpool Echo reported that paramedic Shaun Hartley-Foster was on his way to work when ...

Daily Post North Wales

Hero paramedic saves life of choking plane passenger - Daily Post
Daily Post North Wales
Jason Williams was flying to Cuba when his actions saved a woman's life and prevented an emergency landing.

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