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RRT-Registered Respiratory Therapist

A Registered Respiratory Therapist, often abbreviated as RRT, is a medical profesional who monitors patients on respirators. These professionals must go through special training. The following is a link to a school which might give you an idea of what kind of training they go through:

Dept of Respiratory Care - University of Texas

Patients in need of a Registered Respiratory Therapist include those with ashthma, emphysema and bronchitis(chronic lung problems). Also, heart attack and accident patients are included as well. Furthermore, AIDS and lung cancer patients can need the assistance of an RRT.

The Job of an RRT - Registered Respiratory Therapist

An RRT is directed by a physician. They help to diagnose, treat and manage patients. The patients they help all have ailments and challenges related to breathing.

NLNAC - This is the national accreditation system for obtaining nursing certification

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