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A registered nurse has the basic certification for caring for and tending patients' needs. After becoming ceritifed as a registered nurse, many individuals get training in niche fields. Respiratory therapy, emergency medicine, and flight medicine are a few of the specialized fields many staff members add to their training.

Flight physiology training is a specific type of training created help flight nurses better understand how to treat patients who are being transported in the air.

A good website about the job of nursing if you are interested in becoming one of the many types of nurses is below:

All About Nursing - Devoted to information about becoming a nurse and what the job entails.

NLNAC - This is the national accreditation system for obtaining nursing certification

Information about becoming a flight nurse is below:

Air and Surface Transport Nurses Association
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800-897-NFNA (6362)
Fax: (847) 460-4001

Air Ambulance Information -Our extensive information resource guide

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