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Respirators used for medical purposes assist patients in breathing and are used on air ambulance transfers as well. These are more commonly referred to as ventilators and are accompanied by a respiratory therapist.

A respiratory therapist is certified to treat and care for patients who are on a ventilator. A patient who needs this kind of care will be accompanied on an air ambulance by both a flight nurse and/or paramedic along with a respiratory therapist onboard.

The Qualifications of Respiratory Therapists

You can find info about the requirements, specifications, and job of a respiratory therapist by visiting this site:

Respiratory Therapists- The U.S. Bureau Department of Labor and Statistics has provided this great detailed explanation of their jobs.

There are a great deal of respirators that are used for air purifying and preventative purposes. For information on those types of respirators, visit the following link:

Non-Medical Respirators - Explaining both the air purifying respirator and the atmosphere supplying respirator.

Air Ambulance Information -Our extensive information resource guide

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