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In order to request flights for a private charter or an air ambulance transport, it is important to have an idea of when you would like to travel. Often there are many air ambulances travelling all over the United States and knowing when you would like to travel can be very beneficial. First, it will help you because you will be able to find out a more accurate estimate of the cost involved. This is due to the fact that fuel is a major cost of these private jets equipped with medical supplies and personnel. If an airplane happens to be returning in the opposite direction from where you need to go, you may be able to save on the full retail price. Second, knowing when you would like to travel will help ensure you have an aircraft available to take your patient or family member to where they need to go. Private jet travel can be erratic in the sense that all planes will be available one day and none available the next. The sooner you talk to a flight coordinator the better.

How Individuals and Patients Request Flights

Members of the public often find that to request flights on private transport is an easy task. Contact a flight coordinator of a private charter or medical transport company first. It is important to fly with an experienced company. Specialized air transport companies focus on medical transport- an industry known as air ambulance. This can be of great benefit to you if you are looking for and air ambulance transport- to find a company that has all the necesarry medical equipment and personnel trained in flight medicine.

raft, and has no affiliation with any direct air carrier. As an IAC, AAA contracts for the provision of air transportation services in its own name and coordinates the provision of medical services for your flight.

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