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Organ Donors & Organ Procurement

The availability in the United States and around the world for organ donors is unpredictable. There are a lot of people who are on a waiting list for an organ. They have a pager and when the pager goes off they know to go to their hospital. Since the exact time when an organ might be available obviously can not be determined, individuals need quick transport to the hospital. Many of those who are awaiting organ donors do not live close to where they will get surgery. So it is smart to reply on a number of private air charter services. Have some available that can help you for sure. You can find these by looking up air charter in your area or calling your local small regional airport. There are free services available to help individuals get to where they need to go to get their surgery. Yet they are not always available. Here are some links to a few:

Angel Flight Northeast- Free flight transportation in the Northeast.
Angel Flight West- Free flight transportation in the West.

Please contact us at
305.868.5378 (U.S. Number for International Callers)


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