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Non-Emergency Services for Air and Ground

Non-emergency services are provided by both ground and air ambulance companies. If you have an emergency, pick up the phone and dial 911.

However, if you need ground ambulance transportation and it is not an emergency, it may not benefit you to dial 911. Often a 911 provider is required to take you to the closest hospital. However, many individuals wish to choose which hospital they would like to go to.

1-800-AMBULANCE is an example of a nationwide network of ambulance companies who provide non-emergency transportation.

Patients that need non emergency transportation have a variety of reasons. Back injuries, hip injuries, and respirator dependancies are just a few of them. Also, kidney patients need transportation to dialysis centers for routine checkups.

Aircrafts Used For Non Emergency Transportation

The same aircrafts that take emergency patients from hospital to hospital can also fly non-emergency as well. They have on them Intensive Care Unit and Coronary Care Unit kits. Onboard is a stretcher, made up to look like a bed, for the comfort of the passenger in need of transport. Also, a flight nurse and/or flight paramedic will be on the flight to tend to the patient for extra safety.

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