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Air, Ground, and Coppers- All Used for Medical Transportation

There are many different types of medical transport available in the United States. There are ground, chopper, and fixed wing modes of medical transport. **For long distances(more than two or three hundred miles), a fixed wing air ambulance transport is usually the best means of travel.

The are a few different reasons that an individual might need a medical transport. For instance, patients who are confined to their beds must travel in an ambulance(or stretcher van in states where it exists) or an air ambulance.

If a patient can sit up and needs to travel by air, the patient can go on a scheduled Part 121 carrier if they are in good enough condition to do so. Part 121 commercial airlines also provide oxygen with anywhere from 2-10 days notice, depending on the airline. There are also medical escorts from private air ambulance companies, such as flight nurses and flight paramedics, that can accompany the patient on a Part 121 commercial flight.

Medical Transport Organizations

There are some organizations that provide standards and also benefits for the medical transportation industry. The following are two major ones:

Campts - The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems

AAA - The American Ambulance Association

raft, and has no affiliation with any direct air carrier. As an IAC, AAA contracts for the provision of air transportation services in its own name and coordinates the provision of medical services for your flight.

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