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A short form of the term medical evacuation is a medevac. This refers to everything from patients who need to be airlifted from catastrophies to routine non emergency transports. Other terms for a medical evacuation include air ambulance, medflight and medical flight.

Medevac services have been widely available since the 1970's. The amount of companies that perform this service has nearly doubled in the past ten years.

There are a number of Evac services that are performed by helicopters. If you have an emergency and need to be airlifted, get on the phone and dial 911.

Medevac For Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Floods

There are not only evacs for patients after a catastrophe but before as well. A medevac can also be a patient who needs, for instance, to be taken away from a hospital when a hurricane is coming. Many families prefer to move a family member to a safer location rather than deal with the circumstances of a catastrophe.

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