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Learjets Are The Perfect Jet for Air Ambulance

A lear jet is a type of aircraft first engineered by Bill Lear. These planes are used generally for private air transportation because they travel at high speeds. These jet range in sizes. The lear jet can be a lear 23(one of the earlier and smaller aircraft). The lear jet can also be a lear 55 which is one of the bigger models. Roughly speaking, the lear jet travels about 500 miles per hour and can usually be in the air between 4 and 5 hours before having to refuel. The amount of weight on the plane and the weather conditions are big factors that can change these figures of speed and distance.

In the air ambulance industry, the lear jet is probably the most popular jet that is used. Although it is not the most quiest aircraft, the lear jet is fast and parts are widely available. Also, the passenger entrance is big enough to fit a patient with a stretcher through.

Lear Jets Equipped For Long Distance Travel

The Lear 35 and 36 with extended fuel tanks are used for long distance travel. However, just because these jets have the capacity to travel internationally, there are a few regulations they have to abide by to do so. The FAA has regulations currently that planes that travel overseas must be equipped with special rafts and navigation equipment. Of all of the private aircrafts available, however, the lear jet is generally the least expensive for long distance travels.

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