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King Air For Air Ambulance Transport

There are quite a few turbo props that are used in the private jet industry. One of the turbo props that is common is the King Air. A turbo prop has a jet engine but still has propellers and the engines do not circulate air the same way that an engine on a jet does.

The King Air 90 is a bit smaller than the King Air 200, yet both have good size doors. This would explain why they are commonly used in the air ambulance industry.

Other Aircraft Vs. The King Air

The King Airs tend to be more spacious than jets, such as the Lear Jet. This is an advantage for someone who needs space, such as a medical team and equipment. However, the King Air does not travel as fast as a true jet. The King Air generally reaches speeds of about 300 miles per hour. It can be more or less, depending on the weight on the aircraft and the weather conditions.

For longer travels, say for instance between Miami and Denver, a King Air would probably stop once to refuel. There are jets of similar size that could do the transport without stopping. Thus, these planes are equipped and often used for medium and short distances.

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