Air Ambulance America: Wings of Medicine

Step 1: Information Management

A. What information do I need to begin?

The medical condition of the patient dictates the type of transport that is required. And the distance between your hospital facility and the destination will dictate the type of ambulance transport is best suited for your patient, whether a long distance ground ambulance or a fixed-wing air ambulance aircraft.


B. What medical records do I need to gather?

The attending physician of your patient will provide standing orders for the patient transport. These orders will specify medications, medical personnel, as well as any special medical equipment that is required. In addition to the attending Physician’s Standing Orders, you will also need recent Progress Notes from the nursing staff, Patient’s Medical History, Attending Physician Transport Orders and Patient’s Current Medical Administrative Record (MAR). You may download our Case Worker Checklist here.


C. Are any patient release forms required?

Before releasing the patient to the ambulance transport personnel, you will need to verify that the Patient Discharge form has been signed by the appropriate hospital personnel, patient, and/or family members. In addition to the Patient Discharge form, it is recommended that the patient (or respective legal guardian) sign a HIPAA (Patient Medical Records Release) Form so that other pertinent medical records can be easily released to the ground or air ambulance companies or receiving hospital or facility. A HIPAA form can be downloaded here.


D. Patient Fact Sheet:

This is an important quick glance of all the information you will need to begin the patient medical transport process. Download here. (Downloadable pdf) hats.


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