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Flight Nurses for Air Ambulance Service Charters and Medical Escorts

Nurses that are trained to fly on air ambulances go through training and become certified in flight physiology. We provide a flight nurse on both private air ambulance and commercial aircraft as well. **

The human body changes as it goes into the air. Pressure changes, ph levels, and the makeup of the atmosphere all affect patients at high altitudes. A nurse that is trained in flight physiology has a better understanding of the circumstances while in the air. Along with this specialized knowledge and experience, some flight nurses have certification in other areas as well, such as respiratory therapy. Depending on the condition of the patient, a flight nurse, a flight paramedic and a doctor could all be included in the personnel to accomodate a patient.

Becoming a Flight Nurse

A history of flight nurse examination and certification can be found at the following site:

Air Ambulance Information -Our extensive information resource guide

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