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Flight Escort Services

For men and women who can not travel easily or are in need of medical assistance, there are flight escort services. You can have a flight escort that is trained both as an emergency medical technician and in flight physiology. An escort has a bit more knowledge than a regular paramedic, because they have learned about the changes the body goes through when thousands of feet above ground level. This is also a plus because flight escorts tend to have experience navigating airports and helping individuals through the mess of commerical airliner policy. As guidelines have become more strict to naviate airports, there is added security and procedures. An experienced flight escort can help to navigate to make these smoother and the entire travel more likely to succeed without problems.

Are there flight escort services to accompany a traveller or patient on a private flight?

If a patient or traveller has their transportation set already in a private aircraft, a flight escort can accomodate this situation as well. This can help people who already have a means of flight transportation but may feel more comfortable with an accompanying escort. This could be an experienced flight nurse or flight paramedic. The medical transport will simply bring with them all the medical equipment that is deemed necessary onboard a private aircraft.

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