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Is Hiring a Medical Escort the Right Choice for You and Your Family?

If you need an economical way to do a medical transport, a flight escort service could be quite beneficial to you. If a patient is not in serious condition and is able to sit up, a flight escort service can provide a flight nurse or paramedic. These personnel can assist in transporting a patient on a commercial airliner. Oxygen can even be provided by most airlines. The airlines usually ask for two to four days advance notice for oxygen. Yet some airlines ask for 10 to 12 days advance notice. A flight escort service can help choose the airline and make the necessary arrangements with the airline. This option can save a patient thousands of dollars. For an international flight, using a flight escort service can be tens of thousands of dollars less expensive than private service.

The Training Involved For Personnel at a Flight Escort Service:

A flight nurse and a flight paramedic have specialized training. They obtain and cerification in flight physiology. This is a small but important specialization that gives the medical personnel of a flight escort service insight into how flying in the air affects the human body.

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