Air Ambulance America: Wings of Medicine

Emergency Evacuation

Both air charter services and medical air evacuations(medevac) are arranged by us for medical evacuations and natural disasters.** Before hurricanes, we coordinate with certified air carriers to transport patients out of hospitals in areas that are about to get hit and take them to hospitals in safer regions. As hospitals fill up from large scale travesties, we provide relief by coordinating the transportation of patients and thereby freeing up space for hospitals.

Patients who are in substandard care facilities are also often in need of evacuations. We arrange for patients to fly from islands and countries without proper care to an area and medical facility that can assist properly.

Experience Providing An Evacution By Air Ambulance

Including bus crashes in Jamaica, industry accidents in Moscow, organ transplants all over the world and hurricanes in the Southeast, we have experience in all types of air evacs. We even handle charter for large grounds evacuating or repatriating their home countries.

Please contact us at
305.868.5378 (U.S. Number for International Callers)