Air Ambulance America: Wings of Medicine

Disaster Relief by Emergency Air Ambulance

Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and large accidents can need air transport to evacuate patients. We arrange for the provision of disaster relief and transport on behalf of patients out of areas before hurricanes hit. We charter large numbers of patients and also individuals in the event of a disaster.

Patients in accidents need medical treatment that can help them at a suitable hospital. In the event of a disaster of sizeable scale, hospitals can get crowed and relief can be provided by taking patients to hospitals with room. It can require air transportation to take patients to a hospital that can treat them or provide rehabilitation.

Relief for Large Amounts of People

Larger aircrafts available for charter can be used to transport many people at the same time. This provides relief to hospitals, nursing homes and cities. Groups of people and families can be transported quickly out of a city. Also, many familes will transport a family member who is fragile or under medical care before a hurricane hits.

Please contact us at
305.868.5378 (U.S. Number for International Callers)