The Important of Wearing a Medical Bracelet

If you someone you love suffers with medical problems, having a personalized medical alert bracelet could save a life.  A medical alert bracelet is a small piece of jewelry with a brief description of your current medical problems on it.  If you don’t like wearing a bracelet, you can find dog tags to wear around your neck.  If the patient is unconscious when help arrives, paramedics need to know a little medical history to help them assess the situation and help the patient.  If the patient has a history of heart problems, or diabetes, the medical alert bracelet will help them take greater care of the patient in regards to that medical history.
Besides your name and a short list of medical conditions or problems, here are a few other things you can have engraved onto a medical alert bracelet:

  • An emergency contact number
  • The name of your physician
  • A referral to another place for more information, for example “see wallet card for a full medical history”

It’s not important to have a list of medications engraved on your medical alert bracelet because they can change frequently.  You could keep that detailed list in your wallet, glove compartment, or an empty medicine vial in your refrigerator at home.  Keep that information updated whenever you make changes to your medication list or your emergency contact phone number changes.  It’s a good idea to check over your medical emergency list every time you test or change the batteries in your home’s smoke detector to keep it up to date.
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