Medical Escorts

Our company provides bedside-to-bedside services with medical escorts involved. What this means is that the patient will be taken care of from the moment they are taken our of their bed to the laying them down at the requested destination. A medical escort is usually a nurse but can also be a paramedic

A medical escort stands by the patient throughout the entire trip. The medical escort ensures that all medicine is taken at the appropriate time and they ensure the health by constant monitoring. A medical escort also provides psychological and emotional comfort, the patient feels less alone and afraid when someone is there with them the entire time, it gives the patient more hope and optimism to have someone root for them during there travels.
Medical escorts is another way Air Ambulance America strives for the best environment for a patient to travel in. Long distances are shorter with good company.

We offer a Medical and Aerospace Professional service for Our Patients Call us : 1-800-827-0745