Caring Is A Priority for Air Ambulance America

Air Ambulance Dispatch and Ground Coordinator
Wesam: Air Ambulance Dispatch and Ground Coordinator

Empathy and understanding is very important to us. Many of the people using our services are doing so for their loved ones, so we are compassionate, patient, and try to provide them with the most comfortable and safest methods of getting them to their destination.

This is our dispatcher, Wesam. He works everyday with customers like you. He is a good listener and enjoys helping people live comfortable healthy lives. Wesam says, “Working for this company is great because everyone is always so grateful and appreciative for the things I do for them!” Building good relationships with customers is also part of the enjoyment, and allows us to set up transports for these people faster because we know them so well.


We offer a Medical and Aerospace Professional service for Our Patients Call us : 1-800-827-0745