Medical Escorts

Our company provides bedside-to-bedside services with medical escorts involved. What this means is that the patient will be taken care of from the moment they are taken our of their bed to the laying them down at the requested destination. A medical escort is usually a nurse but can also be a paramedic


A medical escort stands by the patient throughout the entire trip. The medical escort ensures that all medicine is taken at the appropriate time and they ensure the health by constant monitoring. A medical escort also provides psychological and emotional comfort, the patient feels less alone and afraid when someone is there with them the entire time, it gives the patient more hope and optimism to have someone root for them during there travels.

Medical escorts is another way Air Ambulance America strives for the best environment for a patient to travel in. Long distances are shorter with good company.

In 1870 during the Franco-Prussian war and siege of Paris, the first type of air ambulance was used. A hot air balloon was used to move 160 soldiers to the hospital. Then during the first world war it was seen that the transport of the injured by ground was causing more deaths, because before the vehicles would get to their destination they would be attacked. The US wanted to use planes to get soldiers away from harm during this time, but they couldn’t fit a stretcher inside. It was not until the Korean war when the US finally implemented air ambulances.


A helicopter used during the Korean War. [Bell H-13G Sioux, MASH colour scheme, Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, Pueblo Memorial Airport, Pueblo, CO, taken by Lance Barber, 2007]

The first time an air ambulance was used for commercial use happened around the Scandinavian countries. Their high mountains made it difficult for ambulances to reach patients. Bush pilots were people with planes that would send supplies to remote areas, so these are also probably the first people to also conduct air ambulance runs. Around the 1920′s, Sweden finally realized the importance of having actual air ambulances and not the bush pilots  so they started up a air ambulance service.

Caring Is A Priority for Air Ambulance America

Air Ambulance Dispatch and Ground Coordinator

Wesam: Air Ambulance Dispatch and Ground Coordinator

Empathy and understanding is very important to us. Many of the people using our services are doing so for their loved ones, so we are compassionate, patient, and try to provide them with the most comfortable and safest methods of getting them to their destination.

This is our dispatcher, Wesam. He works everyday with customers like you. He is a good listener and enjoys helping people live comfortable healthy lives. Wesam says, “Working for this company is great because everyone is always so grateful and appreciative for the things I do for them!” Building good relationships with customers is also part of the enjoyment, and allows us to set up transports for these people faster because we know them so well.


Flight monitoring

Our specialist are able to track multiple flights at once. Some programs allow us to see exactly where plans are, therefore allowing us the ability to plan ahead if there looks to be a delay or if the plane is approaching its destination sooner. Our company provides spot on timing for all transports, and this is a way that helps us do so!

The image below is a screen shot of our flight tracking software. As you can see we have flight paths shown, with the plane information also available.

Air Ambulance Flight Monitoring

Air Ambulance Flight Monitoring for Seamless Transfers

The LearJet 35

Air Ambulance LEARJET 35 About To Take Off

Air Ambulance LEARJET 35 About To Take Off

Introducing the Lear Jet 35. It can travel up to 1,600 miles with one full tank of fuel. With a cruising speed of 487 mph, this plane can get your loved one to their destination in speed and luxurious comfort. This jet can hold up to four personal, so if the patient needs more medical attention they can still have it. The privacy allows the patient to be comfortable without worrying about others.


Interior can be configured differently depending on the utilization of the aircraft. Common configurations for a one stretcher plane can be seen in the image below.

Air Ambulance LEARJET Seating Chart

Air Ambulance LEARJET Seating Chart