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Air Medical Transportation: From Basic to Critical Care

Choppers, twin engine aircraft,"turbo prop" planes and jets are all used for air medical transportation. We charter the latter three options on your behalf. The majority of our chartered flights are not medical emergencies. However, we have been involved in a large number of critical care transports for over twenty years.

Ambulance transportation by fixed wing airplanes are emergencies runs usually when they are specific cases. Organ transplants, trauma, and patients being in facilities that do not have the staff and resources to help them are a few examples of when a fixed wing air ambulance would be used.

The reason that most emergency air transports are done by chopper is that you want to transport the patient to the closest hospital with the right resources. Most of the time, this is within a 200 mile range. Helicopters can land closer to the patient, which cuts out the time it takes to transfer to a patient to the airport on a ground transportation unit.

The Cost of Medical Transportation By Air

The biggest factor in determining the cost of air medical transportation is the amount of fuel used. Despite changes in medical staff and equipment, the distance that the flight covers generally has the greatest affect on the cost.

By chartering aircraft from a network of certified air carriers on a routine basis all over the country, we "hook up" patients when we can to save on fuel costs and relay the savings to those we fly for.

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