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The airplanes we charter or contract are operated by certified air carriers and are meant for air ambulance transports. All of the airplanes are approved by the FAA, with a special air ambulance certification. Inside the airplane, you will find a stretcher that is made up to look like a bed, with Intensive Care Unit and Coronary Care Unit equipment on board. Personnel and staff have years of experience in transporting patients in the air. Nurses and Paramedics must have a special ceritifcation in flight physiology. Patients across the United States and the globe are happy to find an air ambulance specialist who can take their family home or to a new medical facility. **

Patients need an Air Ambulance Specialist

Air Ambulance personnel coordinate the entire trip, including ground ambulances to and from the airports to make your family or patient have the smoothest air ambulance trip possible.   We want to coordinate the best service possible for your family or patient- safety and care of your patients and family members are priority on your flight.

raft, and has no affiliation with any direct air carrier. As an IAC, AAA contracts for the provision of air transportation services in its own name and coordinates the provision of medical services for your flight.
Air Ambulance Specialist
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