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Air ambulance quotes provided by an air ambulance coordinator are often contigent on the date of travel. Because of the number of aircrafts available from licensed part 135 air carriers and the location of the aircrafts, there is a range of prices you may find for this specialized field of medical travel. The biggest factor of an air ambulance quote is usually the distance of travel. This factor affects the price of an air ambulance quote even more than the medical equipment and personnel involved in the air ambulance transport. One may expect that the fluctuations in price due to changes of medical equipment and the crew involved will only affect the price usually within a thousand dollars difference. However, the difference of travelling only a few hundred miles may affect the price by a few thousand dollars.

How Air Ambulance Quotes are Determined

The air carrier's flight dispatcher will usually determine the fuel cost of the air ambulance mission and returning the aircraft back to its base. If the air ambulance is taking a patient in the other direction from where your family member or patient is going, you may be able to receive a discounted air ambulance quote.

If it is an international flight, it might take a little longer to have all of the necessary preflight paperwork in order. Make sure to have the passports of all passengers travelling ready in the beginning. The sooner that information is handed to the preflight team, the sooner the air ambulance is able to lift off.

**When transferring a patient to a hospital, you must call the receiving hospital and find an available bed. An air ambulance can not lift off to transfer a patient to a new hospital without a receiving bed available.

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