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An Advanced Air Ambulance Covers Advanced Life Support

Critical care patients that have advanced life support needs travel in an advanced air ambulance. An advanced medical facility onboard an aircraft is a cross between an intensive care unit and a coronary care unit. In emergencies, patients are transported for time-sensitive operations by an air ambulance. Men and women often need to be transported to a facility that can save their lives.

Ambulance By Flight and By Ground

An ambulance can be basic life support or advanced life support. There are even specialties such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Ground ambulances have to transport patients to and from hospitals. So, if a patient needs to be transported a short distance (within 300 miles) in an emergency situation, a helicopter is usually used. Helicopters are often able to land at hospitals, cutting out the ground transportation.

Air Ambulance America
Air Ambulance America is capable of handling all types of medical transports. Some may involve critical care equipment or flying at sea level, but no matter the case...we can transport you.
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