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Advanced Aeromedical Transfers

Airplanes that are set up to take care of patients with critical care needs have advanced aeromedical capabilities.

Emergency transports for many different kinds of patients have these capabilities. An entire set of emergency drugs, a specialized crew, and special equipment like a respirator are often onboard.

If a patient is on a respirator or ventilator, then a respiratory therapist needs to be on the flight along with a flight trained nurse or paramedic.

A medical briefing from the medical director of flight operations will determine if the flight is indeed in need of advanced aeromedical care.

Changes in Advanced Aeromedical Technology

There are a number of new facilities that have advanced the flight medical field. Stretchers are being made to enter aircrafts with smaller doors, allowing more planes the ability of transporting passengers via air ambulance. Also, as the number of air ambulance services grows, there are more and more nurses and paramedics who are certified in flight physiology. A better understanding of the body in the air has opted new techniques such as flying at sea level to tweak oxygen and cabin pressure levels for critical patients.

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